Veggies Galore!

In order to look my best for my August 2012 wedding, I’ve been seeking new ways to incorporate vegetables into my diet, getting healthy and losing a few pounds in the process. Don’t get me wrong- I love veggies, but plain old raw or cooked ones just don’t do it for me anymore. They need flavour and pizazz, a little extra zing to get me excited to eat them. I tried the following recipes out today, and  boy am I glad I did. Delicious and nutritious usually don’t go hand in hand, but with the following recipes- they sure do!

Sweet Summer Roasted Vegetables from Kevin and Amanda’s Blog:

I’ll be serving this with provolone and mushroom stuffed chicken breasts tonight- fiance will be pleased!

Broccoli Snack Bites from Stacey Snacks:

The recipe suggests that this a good snack for kids… I am not ashamed to say that they are a fantastic snack for adults as well!

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My Favorite Broccoli Recipe

This recipe from The Amateur Gourmet is absolutely the most delicious way to prepare broccoli I’ve ever tasted. With simple yet flavorful ingredients such as garlic, lemon, parmesan cheese and pine nuts, this recipe transforms basic broccoli into a succulent side dish. It’s also a cinch to make and requires very little prep time. I served it with a simple lemon pepper chicken breast, but I think it would go well with just about any meal!

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Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

I made these for the first time this past Christmas, and they were heavenly. Let’s face it, I love cheesecake. I mean really, really love it. My thighs, however, think a little differently. What I like best about these is the single-serving size; you can have one and not feel shame and regret for the rest of the day (that is, if you can limit yourself to just one). I also drizzled caramel on top for a little extra oomph- an excellent choice.

Recipe and image courtesy of Handle the Heat

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