Marble Magnets

I found this DIY marble magnet tutorial on Not Martha and had to give it a try. It’s even easier than I expected, and super fun to do. I bought all my supplies at Michael’s, though you would likely be able to find them cheaper if you shopped around. I’m just a “one stop shop” kind of gal and was excited to get started. I even got my sister-in-law involved and she was equally enthralled with the simplicity and pretty outcome of this project. My apartment’s rather dark and I couldn’t get a decent shot of the magnets on my fridge, so I included a photo of the finished product from the blog I got the project from. Enjoy!

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DIY Shabby-Chic Earring Display

I found this tutorial for a darling earring display on Kevin & Amanda’s Blog and completely fell in love. How cute and easy to make is this? Blows the traditional, boring jewelery box right out of the water! I think I’ll pick up some supplies and make one for myself tonight.

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